For udwarthanam, the same medicinal powders that are used for Podi Kizhi are also utilised. This kind of massage can be performed in one of two ways. In the first approach, water is used to make a paste out of the medicinal powder, which is then applied to the body and left to dry. All over the body is massaged after the water content dries up and evaporates. In terms of ayurvedic weight reduction treatments, we deliver the greatest results.In the second procedure, any moisture that may be present in the powder is first removed by briefly frying it in a pan. The powder is then applied to the body as a whole. With the exception of the massage orientation, it is comparable to other forms of massages. Here, the whole body is covered in a medicinal powder and massaged from bottom to top. From the feet to the neck, in other words. Starting with the foot, the powder is rubbed in a circular motion.

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According to Ayurvedic principles, each person has a unique constitution that affects their physical, physiologic, and mental features as well as their susceptibility to disease. As a result, Ayurveda suggests highly personalised treatment


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