Rejuvenation Therappy

The treatment comprises of the massage of the body with medicated oil by hand and foot. It includes an intake of herbal medicines for internal purification. The curative treatments are helpful to rejuvenate both mind and body and also helps to develop increased immunity. Duration 90 minutes to 2 hr.  In Ayurveda, rejuvenation therapy helps tonify the skin and strengthen bodily tissues to promote lifespan. Due to the enhancement of the “Ojas” (primary vitality) and the “Sattva,” the body’s overall resistance also rises. Additionally, the patient will receive body and face massages utilising custom-made herbal oils and creams that are specially formulated to meet their needs. Specialized medications tailored to the patient’s constitution and therapeutic steam baths are some other therapy options. This rejuvenation procedure is meticulously carried out at Dr. Nisha’s Vedic Remedies. The main component of the rejuvenation procedure entails a sustainable lifestyle adjustment to restore the health of your body.

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