Body Immunization & Longevity Treatments

A prime treatment for reducing the ageing process by arresting the premature degeneration of body cells. It helps to develop body resistance to impart immunity. A 28 days package process is based on Panchakarma treatment. We do not administer Rasayana preparation (special Ayurvedic medicine prepared out of different herbs with mercury) given the unreliability of concoction and process used by the Pharma companies. 

Today’s rising illness rate is mostly brought on by poor lifestyle choices and lowered immunity. We provide the best Ayurvedic body immunisation therapy that emphasises a person’s entire health. You get an energising experience thanks to potent massages, herbal remedies, and unique Ayurvedic treatments. The massages performed at our centre by carefully trained masseuse stimulate blood circulation, increase muscular strength, strengthen the bones, and increase joint flexibility. This treatment has a significant renewing and reviving effect.

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