Destress Therapy

The problems such as acidity which leads to ulcer, stress induced headache, fatigue, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome and some types of skin diseases respond to this treatment package. Specific ayurvedic medications are advised based on diagnosis. Body and Mind are reflections of one another, not two distinct entities. All issues with physical health originate in the mind. Additionally, all psychological anxiety and stress manifest in our physical bodies. The goal of the Ayurvedic approach to stress management is to improve whole body relaxation while reducing stress on the nervous system.  

A comprehensive approach includes healthy food, yoga, pranayamas, meditation, and lifestyle modifications in addition to Ayurvedic treatments that relieve stress from the brain and nerves. At our centre, you may reset your bodily biorhythms and mental homeostasis in addition to receiving physical and mental nourishment from the serene environment and mother nature. Our stress management therapy uses a multifaceted method to address many body-mind elements gradually.

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